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Platinum Consulting Services (PCS) offers big technological equipment that can change the aspect of teaching or professional development on a major scale. This technology is wide-ranging. Some of our technology can be seen below. Further, a comprehensive pdf with each device's specifications can be viewed by clicking here: 

PCS brings to market the ClearDigital Gel Hand Sanitizer Kiosks. These necessary kiosks serve as great ways to provide safety to students or staff! They further provide necessary information around campus or around your office such as, wash your hands, an office reminder, or even just advertising!

Technology. Hand-Sanitizer Kiosk

PCS reimagines education with the ClearTouch Series! This is because the ClearTouch Series is a high-tech interactive TV that is made for curriculum and activities. This TV may broadcast multiple students or staff displays at once and makes an exceptional experience for an instructor/staff member to explain a certain topic.

Technology. Interactive Panel. Learning. Professional Development.

PCS changes the "game" when it comes to student learning or professional development! The ClearTouch Foldable Series can convert into a table that allows staff and students to gather around and utilize the equipment all at once to ensure engagement. 

Technology. Interactive Panel. Learning. Professional Development.

PCS can help you turn a wall into a high-technology/ high-resolution interactive learning system that is perfect for students and staff learning! The ClearDigital Vue is touch sensitive allowing a student or staff member to come to the board and demonstrate their knowledge of a lesson/topic.

Technology. Interactive Panel. Learning. Professional Development.

PCS can help you display any necessary information around campus or around your office with the ClearTouch Evo Roll. Some information that could be displayed may include: wash your hands, an office reminder, or even advertising!

Technology. Interactive Panel. Learning. Professional Development.


Document Camera

Teach from a New Angle

Say goodbye to presentation problems! The wireless Clear Touch® Document Camera is the perfect addition to any teacher’s toolbox with:
• Built-in connectivity and Clear Touch Canvas
• Crystal-clear audio and LED lighting
• Multi-directional neck

Document Camera.jpg

PC Module

Two Words: Seamless Connection

We’ve got just the thing to take your panel
experience to the next level. We offer three
cordless PC modules, each including:
• Ultra HD 4K display
• High-speed storage and memory
• Powerful processing

PC Module.jpg

Wireless Keyboard

Control from a Distance​​

Take the power into your own hands!
Our keyboard and trackpad enables users to
present from distances of up to 30 feet with:
• Seamless connection with 2.4 GHz wireless
• A full QWERTY keyboard and trackpad
• USB adapter and rechargeable battery

wireless keyboard.jpg


Sound Just Met a New Companion

Sometimes, it’s best to tune the world out
and tune in to work, online classes, and
virtual meetings with:
• In-line audio control and muting
• Braided USB cord for extra strength
• Durable and flexible design


Huddle Camera

Raising the Bar

Huddle Camera.jpg

Who says you have to change out of your pajama pants for a conference call?
• Wide-angle 4K webcam
• Crystal-clear audio with high-fidelity speakers and beamforming microphone array
• Compatibility with all Clear Touch panels and video conferencing applications
• Built-in controls with no extra software needed

Web Camera and Tripod Kit

Teach and Meet with Ease

Web Camera And Tripod Kit.jpg

In this case, two is better than one. The Clear Touch® Web Camera and Tripod Kit
extends the capabilities of your current technology.
• Tripod is compatible with web cameras, cell phones, and more
• Webcam has a built-in microphone with 84 degree FOV
• Webcam has a USB 2.0 interface; including power, video, and audio all-in-one
*Tripod Kit and Webcam sold seperately

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